Ergonomie | Arriver relaxé

On single-seated cycles you can often do without long-travel leg-length adjustment. Quality bicycle frames are often produced in several sizes, and some are custom-built to fit. But on a tandem vehicle, a flexible way to accommodate differing riders is essential, because not only must the riders' individual heights be catered for, but their relative statures must also be taken into account. Furthermore, a vehicle for long-distance riding will often not always be used by the same people. Because it is the most highly-loaded part of the design, the drivetrain is rigidly connected to the chassis. The seat adjustment by sliding along the angled beams ensures that each rider is able to achieve not only the correct distance from the pedals, but also the correct height above the ground. In this way riders of all sizes can sit with both feet on the ground and so stabilise the vehicle when stationary.